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Owasco 9/3

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Went out solo from 6-8 PM. Started at Long Point with a trout presentation of spoons in 170 to 100 feet of water. Cruised past Koenig Point to Burtis Point then switched to a walleye program. Put on 2 black and silver J11 jointed repallas down 40 to 55 feet. Picked up two walleyes 55 ft / 60 at 2.1 miles per hour down temperature 65 degrees. One 5 lbs, one 6 lbs. Caught on south side of Burtis Point.




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Way to go Lumberjohn. Nice fish. Has the lake dropped very much? I was there the week of the flood. Ruined our boating and fishing plans. It was unbelievable.


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