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Heavy line ,copper, lead core ?


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Having been out of the game for 20 years or so, I can see some newer techniques and certainly heavier line. Back in the day we landed salmon up to 42lbs (our best) with 12lb-17lb line. I understand the fleas and such, was curious if the big kings are still fun with 30-40lb line?

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Changing environment with clearer water and spiny water flea have driven different line presentations more than preference or “fun” factor.  When fleas choke up your rod guides so you can’t reel in kings, you have to adapt.  Guys will run 30lb then leader down to 15 to 20lb fluorocarbon to get around the problem.  If the fleas aren’t around, you can still run your 15 to 17lb like the old days just add the fluorocarbon leader.


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