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Kicker motor install


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Looking to install kicker motor. Any opinions on HP and steering options? It's a straight inboard trying to figure out best steering option. Thanks for any help.




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i would go with a motor with electric start and remote controls. if money was available i would get power tilt. but what i did was get a used panther lift power tilt off fb market place. with the set up you have id check around for a rudder control auto pilot. if i couldn't find anything i'd go with kicker remote control. the unit i'd get would be the garmin reactor 40 kicker motor auto pilot with ghc . it's like 2600.00 though. i have auto pilot on my mercruiser i just bought and the guy i bought it from said that he used it with a ez steer. i'm going to try it 1st if it dont work i'll be getting the garmin., good luck.

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