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Wrapping up the season early for a much needed double hip replacement. The rough days on the water really take a toll, especially the next day. Be back up one more time to put the boat away. Great season with some fantastic fish. Fished in front of Wilson all season. Pictures are from this weekend.E259E53B-919D-492F-9C3D-2CC630E5AC7A.thumb.jpeg.6e85d246459a79271d8c78460c3a3bb7.jpeg17E0D304-41C2-4AE7-8808-D604C311E3D2.thumb.jpeg.75c0660da4b27392e7b5a7830dc9e643.jpeg5BCDC663-D97B-4A38-A7A4-DB08886C0F8D.thumb.jpeg.e9d7403c7a4368945c8038e82b5d76a9.jpeg

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