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Yankees Big Boy Tourney weekend at the Oak 9/4-9/5

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What a great weekend! Tom and Rob from PA are no strangers to our operation. They've been chartering us for close to 10 years now. Their charter was booked a year in advance like most clients. However, during the Spring a local Big Boys tournament at our home port was announced on the weekend they had booked. We gave them the option to buy in on top of their charter, or just pay for the charter they had booked and we'd put up 100% of the entry. They choose to go 50/50 with us. Result, a win for all of us, and their charter paid for by their winnings!
Day 1 (Saturday) - we started the morning in 40' right out front looking for some stagers. Fridays recon trip found some nice ones in there due to some cold water. We found warmer water had moved in, so we worked our way out until we settled into 65-80' where temp was good, and our Humminbird lit up with fish. The morning started good and the bite never let up for us. We ended the day with two dozen Salmon bites, most making it to the boat, and a Lake Trout. All but one fish took meat rigs fished on our Cannon Downriggers, divers, and 300/400' A-TOM-MIK coppers. 1/3 of those fish took Herring strips, the other 2/3 had fake bait in them. Some were rigged with Deep Rig Tackle strips and others had Soco Baits Prime Cuts in them. The amount of fish we landed on day one allowed us to have a really nice box. By the end of the day we were sitting in second place after our fish hit the scales.
Day 2 (Sunday) - we found the cold water slid out even further when we set up in the morning. So, back into search mode again, but we figured we wouldn't have to go far. Our first 4 bites were on 300' A-Tom-Mik Mfg. coppers pulling Plugs, and we landed 0 of them. Not to mention we cracked two off. We'd go on to have a slow pick in the morning that turned into an awfully slow pick the rest of the day. We threw back two Skippy Salmon, and turned 12 other good Salmon bites for the day only landing 4 of them. Again, other than one fly bite, and the first four plug bites it was a meat rig program for us. That 1/3 real meat and 2/3 fake meat was the tally again. However, today those fake meat bites were mostly on Deep Rig Tackle strips. We didn't think we'd even have a shot at money, but when we got in the weigh in line and watched most teams weigh one or two fish we thought maybe there's a chance. When it was all said and done no team weighed their six fish in day two. We were one of two teams to box four fish and that was enough to take home the win.
Winning tournaments are always great, but doing it with a charter makes them even more special. Our guys did great, and they had a blast! Maybe they'll defend their title next season!
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