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What to put on 45 size reel.

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I have an extra magda 45 that I'm wanting to put something on. We make a few trips a year in the spring and summer for salmon from the niagara bar to olcott. I have 2 wire dipsys 4 braided dipsys a 250 copper and a 300 copper. Would you duplicate one of the copper set ups or do something different?


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A ten color 27 lb leadcore will fit the Magda Pro DX45 with about 300 yds of 30 lb Power Pro braid. A 300 copper with about 300 yds of 30 lb Power Pro will also fit. They both will be at max capacity which is good in one sense as it allows the line counter to be more accurate but you won't have room for a real long leader. It can help to put on about 275 yds of backing to free up a little space. I mentioned Power Pro specifically because some braid is coarser or larger diameter and also as you go up in lb test you can get less on there.

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