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Bear’s Bait Shop 2021 Fall Trout and Bass Derby- Day 2 Final Results

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I seen the brown hanging .Seeing the belly facing towards me first I thought it was a laker. Then when I looked at the side  it was a brown.. I should have taken a picture. Long and skinny...  Here is a pix of the 4th place rainbow if it wasn't a bleeder it would have gone back..


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34 minutes ago, Sk8man said:

You earned him Stan with the wind etc. Congrats on the 4th place.

Here’s a photo of the brown right after it came out of the water. Unfortunately I did not get a photo at the weight 906A79A4-80B2-4FCC-A058-C17DF8AEEBF8.thumb.jpeg.9332fc8204dc17c0ac9d0f5d9ee4e2c4.jpegin station.

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