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Best baits for Genny shuffle and shoreline. Targeting browns/steelhead/lakers


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So I finally bought a 14' boat this year. I have done the driff/troll a couple times on the Gennessee a few years ago with a freind, but never went back. So my experience with what species is looking for which baits is limited.
I like the idea of bottom bouncers or 3 way weighted with worm harnesses, sticks, spinners or trolling spoons with an in line weight system with depth chart I picked up. I do own a pair of trolling rods with line counters. So anything as far as colors, techniques, or tackle tips is greatly appreciated. Like what size spoons or colors work for trout ? I am very limited in experience but have a little inclination as to what might work. Just need a 🤏 bit of advice. Thanks [emoji106]
Note: I am not interested in the salmon
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