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Fly skirt/Twilly teeser source

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I was going to make up some fly rigs and meat rigs this winter and I can’t seem to find any suppliers .Hoochies and squid at suppliers out west but can’t seem to locate any mylar type flies or teesers .Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you Glenn

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Thank you guys !

At 59 I can’t tell you how good it is to get back up to Ontario after so many years.Only  got out one full day this year and only caught one fish but I am excited to be back . Planning on spring  trip for a week in may .I was born in the wrong state ! But still have a little time to change that .😀



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Thanks again guys !

I need to make some longer meat rigs for some kingfisher2 flashers I purchased used some time ago in hopes of getting back to the great lake.Factory meat rigs seem 4’ or so my plan was to make up some 6’ers.


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