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1956 Lone Star Holiday


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You can research them at www.fiberglassics.com.   in there Glassic Library section. Listed under fiberglass boats as well as aluminum boats. Looked at there brochure from 1956 and did not see your model listed. Things changed almost monthly with boat building back then so who knows what they put out vs what they advertised. We had a 16' fiberbglass Lone Star that was maybe a 1960 or so. It held up to a bunch of teenage boys beating it up on Erie water skiing and pounding waves. Good luck !

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Looks like an active Facebook group “Lonestar Classic Aluminum and Fiberglass Boats”.  Could be a good source of info for your project.

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I have a 1964 16 foot Lone Star Medallion. I bought it 30 years ago. For a long time I had a tough time stopping the leaks. Last year me an my son caulked the then ribs, used Gluvit on the interior. Then we painted it, replaced the floor, carpeted it. The leaks pretty much stopped. It's probably not worth much, but it's priceless to me. Here's a few photos


Boat at Night.jpg

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