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Yankee @ the Oak 9/18

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Morning - We had a gang from PA join us today for some offshore action. This was Jerry's retirement gift to himself. It wasn't easy to find a spot out there when you're all alone, but we fished up a program and had a nice catch by end of day. Our catch consisted of mostly Steelhead, but a couple nice 2yr old Salmon also made it to the box. The amount of bait offshore is the most I've ever seen this time of year. At no time was the screen void of a school. The Humminbird side imaging was peaking out 400' on either side of the boat and the amount of schools on that was impressive. 5-10 schools on it at all times.

It was mostly a spoon program for us on our Cannon Optimum downriggers. We fished them from 70-110' down. Carbon 14 was the man for us, but other spoons that took fish were Rodfather, Glow Roy Boy, and Glow Green Alewife. A DW Spin Doctor in Marv's Fatty pulling an A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue Hammer was good for a few fish on a diver as well.


Afternoon - Tonight we had some local people joined by relatives from North Carolina. There was a lot of fishing talk going on between bites! We checked the inside waters on the way out, but the screen didn't impress us. We quickly decided to head offshore, even though it was a short trip, and played in the piles of bait. It was a steady pick of fish this evening. We kept two nice Steelhead, and quickly released everything else back.

We're looking forward to changing up gears and transitioning into Fall Walleye fishing. Keep an eye on this page for some Oneida Lake reports soon.
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2 minutes ago, jpiatkowski said:

This time of the year.....how far out do you need to go to find them??  I know many people say "Offshore" but is that 400 fow?  500? Or even more?


I'm fishing out of Olcott.


We fished 28-31N lines at the Oak. We were over 400'+ the whole time.

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