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Adding Electronic Accessories - The Right Way...


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Hey Guys,


 Hope all is well.


I have been thinking about adding a small switched fuse panel to my boat so that I have easy access if I want to add accessories that require power. Keep things neat too. I figured this would be a way to simplify things and make it safer. I have added a stereo, fish finder and a couple other things, but I had to fish around under the console to find an area to get power and ground. Not convinced this is the best way to go. Everything is working, but always wonder if it's the best hook up! The stock dash has a breaker panel for everything so I know where the breakers are. Adding accessories puts fuses all over the place! Thinking it would be nice to have anything I add all in one place.


What do you guys think? Anyone else done this? Adding accessories to existing wiring or add a fresh fuse block and make it easy and maybe safer on myself?


Look forward to your opinions.


Thank you, Glenn

Fuse Block.jpg



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I added a fuse block to my Lund ProSport after  the thin accessory  wire harness insulation wore off. The harness hadn’t been fastened properly at the factory. The wear caused a short to seek a ground, all the way to the fuel sending unit on top of the tank. The wire was burned all the way from the stern to the middle of the boat.  Lots of smoke and I just shut off my engine in time!  The next day I disconnected the harness and drove home.


So I totally agree with your getting a block! 




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