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Unexpected good cleaning results on Aluminum


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Some chemicals can be corrosive to aluminum. That is why it was recommended to not use pressure treated lumber in aluminum boats. They used to use arsenic in the process which would be corrosive to aluminum. Then they switched to another chemical because of health concerns but that was also bad for aluminum. But I just had my transom replaced and Clint told me he used a pressure treated plywood that is safe for aluminum. I don't recall what it is called. I see that BAM says on the label that it works for Lime buildup. So I wonder if it has a mild acid in it that could cause corrosion over time if it settles in seams and crevices.


Whatever you use must be safe for aluminum. I use a product called Boat Brite on the painted aluminum surfaces that works well for black marks and scum line. It doesn't do much of anything for bare aluminum. The bottom of my boat is bare but I don't keep it in the water so I just leave it alone.

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