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Lowe track mounts


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I'm looking to see what's out there for mounting rod holders and downriggers to a newer lowe with 90° gunwale other than traxstech and brocraft. I'm not opposed to the two brands but traxstec has no inventory for their 90° brackets. It doesn't look like cisco or berts has anything that mount to the lowe accessory track unless I'm missing something. Tracker mounts for the versatrack look like they might be ok bc they also have a 90° gunwale angle but they use a carriage bolt to secure (lowe uses t bolts). Any help is appreciated. Just searching for all options. 

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I'M not sure as to what you need. but go to the website and just look for what you need. isn't there any way to use the tracks on your boat?


fyi just so you know the cannon ratcheting rod holders are the best because they go up or down with one hand. they don't have as many settings as the traxstech holders do but they take both hands to adjust them down but they would be my second choice. and if you search you can find the single axis for about 75.00 the traxstech is about 135.00 each. and personally I like the single axis best because I can adjust as little as i want for fine tuning. the double axes basses are fixed and they adjust from pin hole to the next pin hole. but the double does rotate 360 degrees where the single only rotates 35 degrees each direction. good luck with your search.

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Lowe doesn't seem to say much about their track like some of the boat manufacturers or even seem to partner with another company regarding their track like some. Just looking for solutions as I've found very few while looking for what I need. 


On another note, I already have the berts one handed ratcheting rod holders so no need to go out and purchase cannons or any others. Simply looking for track attachment options. 

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i have an 09 walk thru model

i had to use a hole saw and make my own entry points


i have used the tracks for everything from

the bimini enclosure to rod holders


feel free to pm me



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