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SKAN 10-1-21

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Launched out of State Ramp this morning and went south in search of RT and LLS.  Never connected after 3 hours of trolling.  Marked quite a few fish down 80-90 which were probably LT.  Only a couple of marks higher.  Water clarity is poor for Skan, which for me typically means poor fishing.  Quite a few bass guys out.  Surface temp was 65.  

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On 10/2/2021 at 8:11 AM, mako20 said:

I was out on Thursday and went 6-7 in 2.5 hours and landed 2 browns. Weird as I’ve never caught a BT previously on skn. 

15 years or more ago I was on a guided trip on Skaneateles  with John Gaulke.  At one point we were casting jigs near the high rocks on the southern half of the lake. I ended up catching a brown on that trip. He said it was a rare catch for that lake. I had never caught one there previously, and never caught another after that. 

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