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Erie Canal pike

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Are there places on the canal in the Rochester area or something where people do well for pike because I have only caught one pike in the canal yet the dec says it’s great in the canal or some spot where you can fish from shore because places like black creek and buck pond seem better by boat especially because of the weeds up against the shore(ideally aren’t a big walk either because my tackle box is 22lbs)

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Yeah I used to fish the one at Adams Basin too and just bass. Years ago the one at Newark had a lot of northerns and walleyes and a couple years ago I talked with a guy who had a cottage over there and he had been getting walleyes of his dock so the northerns may still be around.


I used to get a lot of northerns on bait (shiners and fatheads) near the spillway in Lyone right on Rt#31

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