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Any opinions on bow trolling motors on big boats?


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Keeping motor in the water a bigger issue than power.  80” might not be enough in the wind on that size boat.  A 60” is barely enough on a 17’ or 18’.

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We installed an 87" Minn Kota Terrova on a 24' Robalo this past winter, that we used down in the Gulf, and it worked great. Our boat for this Winter is a 30' Robalo. We have a 96" Rhodan sitting here that will be installed on it soon. There are options out there. Best thing to do is take a measurement from the top of your bow down to the water line.

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Good question, sorry for the lack of context. Traps are simple fish sampling gear, basically metal or plastic rings rings with mesh socks.  they sit on the lake bottom and help us figure out in which habitats Lake whitefish and Cisco spawn.


Trying to figure out what is keeping those populations down, our best current hypothesis is egg incubation habitat.


Got the motor today

and it is Awesome! Burly is a better description. Every part on a trolling motor that I have ever seen break (or broke myself) is reinforced on this thing. 


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