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been on about two weeks love it!! the best fishing site I have seen...so much info..and everyone seems eager to help people to get the sport out there better for everyone...my boat is a 1986 penn yan,tunnel drive,318 chrysler,with two cannon digitrolls,two penn fathomasters,one cannon sportroll,I usually run two downriggers and stack rods on each and use one of the penns foran underwater camera system..that is pretty cool you can watch the fish approach the spoons..., I have two outriggers as an option or I have a stand up rocket launcher that I built out of aluminum pipe and mounted tow reels off two big jon downriggers for planer boards..also with lights that can illuminate the deck for those early morning starts...I have 8 eagle claw 10' rods, all with penn 310 GTI reels, four penn deep sea rods, two 5'6 and two 7' for finger lakes trolling rigs..each with 5 spoons ..the two long rods go out on planers and the shorties go off the side..instead of jugs for locators I usefull size canadian goose decoys..the jet skis seem to stay away from them better..plus they look really cool following the boat..lol

the four rigs are all penn number 6 deep sea reels..40lb test spider wire to 80 lb braid with bead chains every 10 feet...I have eeneagle mach one that I got on ebay for $16..a guy in the state of main had a tackle shop owned by his dad and when he died the son was clearing out I won it and when it came it was brrand new and still had the plastic wrap on the box..my two digi finders are a ray jefferson and a bottom line tournament series...I like to run a chart then set up the two one to track the bottom and the other to track the ball..so basically that is my rig...it is called Justice...I bought some kick ass rod holders at fat nancys aluminum adjustable...removeable...I also run my radio on 68 and also monitor a regular cb...and I have a garmin GPS plotter....

I have not gotten in the water yet with it..I got it in september of 2007..then most of 2008 and this spring I had several surgeries and was unable to get it out..but this year for sure..the tarp is comming off this week to start the cleanup and getting it ready....

I am anxious to hear from other penn yan owners as this boat was an ebay purchase so I have no manual as to how the boat is set up underneath...I found it on ebay and it was a trade in to a dealr above albany..he took swaps I had a craftsman lawn tractor with a 42" mower deck...so we swapped for boat and trailer..the rest of the rig was on my 1967 18" starcraft..I just moved it over..now it looks as good as any of the big charter boats...23'..x8' all in all I am very psyched ...can you tell? thanx for looking guys...and thanx for the site and the welcomes I recieved...looking forward to meeting some of you guys out on the water...or chatting on the radio....good luck...MIKE

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