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My new boat installation

Andre wallyandre

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I decide to purchase a new use boat last winter; it's a Crestliner Sportfish 1950 SST (space saving transom) with only 72hrs on it. Motor is a 175 Verado and I add a Mercury Pro-Kicker 9.9

All the electronics has been install on bus bar with all the wires well identified in the back and under the dash.

In the back there is 2 Duracell 1000 AGM to feed 1 HDS Live 12" in the back, another one on the dash and another one at the bow when drifting for walleyes or jigging walleyes or lake trout. Electric motor is a Motor Guide Xi5 that is link with the Lowrance by NMEA 2000. The MG is fed by 2 Volthium ion battery; on one of the pic you will see a blue charger for those batteries; I can follow the state of charge with an app link to the charger. On the network I also have the Lowrance NAC-1 autopilot and the Mercury Vessel View Link that give me all the informations on the motor and something that I really like is to be able to use the troll control from the Lowrance screen; very useful when there is to much wind for the kicker. Naturally all units are also link by ethernet.

To control the speed on the kicker I have a Trollmaster Pro3 (wifi).

As for the transducers I'm running a Lowrance 3 in 1 , Airmar TM165, Lowrance Livesight and the new Active Target on the trolling motor ; there is a transducer for the Fish Hawk also.

Downriggers are Scotty High Speed 2116

I also install a Blue Sea automatic switch so if the main becomes weak it's sent the volts to the other battery.

There is a ton of storage space on that boat.

Bost sit on a nice Shoreland'R trailer with bunk and double axels.

I could'n do all this by myself I owe a bigh thanks to my friend Gerry

Hopefully the border are going to be open for the brown in spring.



busbarr arr.jpg

Filage arr.jpg

HDS and motor.jpg

Blue Sea switch.jpg

Dash 12 and voltmeterjpg.jpg


3 in 1 and TM 165.jpg


Livesight and Fish Hawk.jpg

under dash.jpg

water and gas filter.jpg

Center storage.jpg

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Wally, sweet boat.

The time spent on decluttering the wiring will pay off in proper functioning of all of your electronics. I’m sometimes amazed that things work at all  on some boats I’ve been aboard.


That Crestliner SST is a nice design, big and tough, with a lot of freeboard. Safety comes to mind.


Enjoy it

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Man, this boat looks amazing. I can see that you spent a lot of time working on her, and I believe that on water it will work properly well. As my hobby is fishing, I would like to have a run on a boat like yours. Fishing on it should be a great experience. You won’t believe but I have never fished on boats, sometimes with my friends we are renting yachts from yacht rental miami, going on deep waters for fishing. Often we catch fish of big sizes like 40kg and even more. When we are catching beasts of houndred kg we re getting a nice doze of adrenaline. The most interesting moment is when someone of us is getting drunk and can’t hold the roads.

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16 minutes ago, desecid said:

Man, this boat looks amazing. I can see that you spent a lot of time working on her, and I believe that on water it will work properly well.

Yep me and my friend we spent a lot of work, many hours specially on the fitting of the helm pump for the autopilot; the way the dash is mold was the problem.

Everything works perfectly. I'm looking forward to fish for those browns next spring, keeping my fingers cross with the border that stay opend.

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