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Need help!! Please ID this LURE!!

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No clue who made this lure but need help! Thing is deadly and need more. Here are some pics any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. Please forgive me if this is posted in wrong discussion board.






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22 hours ago, Albizep12 said:

Appreciate the comments And help y’all. Think GAMBLER has got it! I just ordered one off eBay to see if there a match but

thanks again

eBay is my favorite website for finding hard to find things. anything i go to buy online i check on eBay before i buy. i  just received 2 items yesterday. the first was 3m E.A.R. ear plugs that i love but haven't seen for yrs. I PAID 26.75 with free shipping for 200 pair. then i got 4 packs of 225 gun cleaning patches for a grand total of 9.99 for 900 patches. i've bought everything from motorhomes to fish hooks. a used motor for my nieces car a used tranny for my truck and the list just goes on and on.. as a matter of fact i've bought 1251 items since i started a few yrs ago., so great choice.

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