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for sale : usa Huge fishing equipment dump! Looking for a person to come take it all. Convector 30s with okuma classic GLT rods, 3 cannon optimums, fishhawk x3d, seasucker mount custom built to hold the cannon transducer and fishhawk transducer.

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On 10/28/2021 at 7:42 PM, Big Tom said:

thanks for the reply on the availability.  I'd offer $450.00 for all the rods and reels as shown. pick up next week. My best to your future fishing efforts, regardless of the sale.

Thank you. I am waiting on someone to possibly buy a large lot of items. Just trying to figure out price and pickup at this time. 

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Ladies and gents I have not heard back from the individual who was going to purchase a large lot. Everything is still for sale. If for some reason I have not responded to you please remind me. I would really like to sell riggers and fishhawk as a package due to the custom mount I built for both ducers. It works really well and allows you to refrain from drilling holes in your transom. That being said my cannon ducer is a bit suspect as I have had it sometimes read strange depths and if you are in bottom tracking that leads to a world of trouble. When the downrigger suddenly thinks the bottom is 600 feet down. So I will not include the price of the transducer itself in any transaction. 

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