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Sold / Closed Dreamweaver Spoons (DW size) 3-3/4"

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Lot A:

Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size)

In NEW and Like New conditions.

$35 SOLD


Lot B:

Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size)

In Like New and Excellent conditions (note the defect in the orange gold one & the difference in the green/orange taped ones).

$35 SOLD




Lot C:

Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size)

In Excellent condition.


$35 (shipped within the contiguous US)


IMG_0417.thumb.jpg.984bcd4f0b66a0e7b861e5026e2183d1.jpg  IMG_0418.thumb.jpg.426cc576ca2336fb7b5505d9ca3b7131.jpg




Lot D:

Ten Dreamweaver spoons (DW size)

In Excellent condition.  The extra pictures show the frog is metallic frog and the other is black/silver/glow.


$35 (shipped within the contiguous US)


IMG_0419.thumb.jpg.4c7a88d951f17d437e7681bd99b44196.jpg  IMG_0420.thumb.jpg.b2a2a2e920a41e06d8a1d99dbf8f22a5.jpg IMG_0421.thumb.jpg.e64a3317b6bebde08b1f26171d4e0019.jpg  IMG_0422.thumb.jpg.56c3bdf98fac59ef7b5032c0f234eb52.jpg




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