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Paddle kayak trolling?

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I have an older Eagle Run 12 sit in kayak. I have tried dipsey divers, deep diving stick baits and jigging mostly to no avail. I imagine there is a great impracticality with having to paddle a downrigger around, but are there any other options? I am in college and can not afford one of the pedal drive fishing kayacks and all of that jazz. I have a limited budget but am willing to try anything to expand my reach on the lakes.

EDIT: I can't say I've been using dipsey divers correctly. It's all hand-me-down equipment, so if anyone could also point me in a direction for proper gear and rigs for salmon would be greatly appreciated
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Hmmm your current setup sounds like it should put fish in boat.  I would suggest a change in location or presentation issue.  I run a Jackson big tuna and my favorite kayak water is cannonsville reservoir.  Do some homework before you go but in my humble opinion the best kayak water in New York.  Small crowds due to the extra steam cleaning, lack of launches ( walk ins only), extra permitting and its a row boat/kayak only BIG MFING lake  but well worth it. Your 12' is perfect setup but be careful as its a big lake and you don't see to many people if you needed help. Can be a wind tunnel but that's everywhere.  I see your in a sit in and a self rescue can be more difficult then sit on.  ADDING A RUDDER TO YOUR SETUP WILL GREATLY AID YOU IN TROLLING IN WIND AND DISPEYS on all bodies of water.  Doesn't have to be store bought or even foot controlled something to keep you in straight line.  I normally run lead core, spoon and sticks.  I've seen a few running corks and alewives but live baits a pain.  If trout aren't biting the green carp (smallmouth) are everywhere on the rocks. Pan fish are my secret you'll have to find your own lol. Visibility is up to 20' but rains will change it.  I actually think the alternating paddling strokes help with trolling over an electric or kicker motor giving bait presentations a more erratic action. With a rudder you can play with stroke timing more as your not fighting to keep boat on course. Put  a lure on the side of your boat and watch it as you paddle to see the different actions you can do with different stroke counts. Again do your homework plenty of information on it with launch options.  You'll have to carry in your kayak no true launches but walk in spots. Check before you go it normally closes in October.  My kayaks 120 lbs loaded so i run wheels as the walk in spots are a ways off the road. Hope this helps .................

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I have a Hobie mirage drive and spend  a lot of time on various finger lakes targeting trout / Salmonids, you can search my posts for more info on how I'm rigged and my experiences.


Don't see a fish finder in your pictures - definitely at a disadvantage if you don't have one.  Even a cheap portable unit with the 'ducer hanging over the side will give you a better understanding of what's down below you.


Search for "kayak" in the forums - lots of posts and info out there.


Here's a good post with some good info.  https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/89553-kayak-trolling-help/?tab=comments#comment-651832




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Look at Tadpole Divers. Come in several weights and easy to use in a kayak Offshore Tackle has dive charts too on their website. 


Snap weights also an option and inline trolling weights. 

If you dont wanna mess with that, use leadcore. You will need a big level wind reel. Can get one fairly cheap. 


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A good video on torpedo divers from a yak...

IMHO in your case, stick with using clips, rather than the redi-rig set up. I've been using the Redi-Rig aet up for years, and found out it works alot better in a peddle yak because you need forward momentum to keep things from getting tangled up.

In the video he's using church clips, I use OR-16 clips. Either style will work - but be warned you will loose a torpedo or two, usually it happens when connecting or disconnecting the weight, not durning trolling or when fighting a fish.

I have different sized divers, and try to avoid the heavy ones unless I need to get deep - they do put a good bend in the rod, and the lure action isn't transfered back to the rod tip.


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