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Spectra downrigger line?


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I know this came up recently but not much said about it. Anyone try this stuff yet? I see Cabela's has it listed.

I would imagine that the fleas would hang on pretty good but is there any merit to using this stuff?

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I have been using the braided cabale's downrigger line for about 5 yrs

have no problems with it. Have also used 150 lb pro line and really

like it. when the fleas get bad I remove it. I do tie it right over

my DR wire.

john :lol:

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If I remember right it was quite accurate. I attach the braid to may

cable and once I have one wrap around the spool I wrap the cable

spool with electrical tape, this keeps the braid from getting in the

wire cable. I never let all the braid with the attached wire out as it

might break off.

john 8)

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