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Wife got one!

Kevin J Legg

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My wife has kill several does but this is just her second buck. The night before I was with her in a ground blind and a doe with twin fawns came out. It would have been an easy shot but she said she would rather just watch them even though we had 4 doe tags. 
The next evening she returned to the same blind and I sat a scrape about 300 yards away. Just before sunset I heard her shoot and got a phone message saying “I need your help”. I immediately called her and was relieved to find out she had dropped a buck at 80 yards. She said 5 deer came out and at least 2 were bucks but the one she shot had stopped and given her a good broadside shot. She said the other deer were still standing there and one was a 4 point. When I got to the blind the deer were still standing there but then ran off.

It’s always special when I can put her on a deer or turkey. She was still a little shaky when I got there to take care of her buck. She somewhat understands my hunting passion but still only likes hunting on pleasant days!


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