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Any work on Laker bite?

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Going to go out the morning of Thanksgiving with some friends on Cayuga out of Dean's or Sheldrake. Most likely jigging from kayaks. any advice or word on conditions? Haven't been to the finger lakes in a few months. Haven't been able to land a salmonoid in almost a year....




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 There should be lakers available in the areas you can get to with a yak... This time of year they could be anywhere, keep that in mind..Guys that troll might catch them 90 or 100 feet down, and guys standing on shore might catch one a few feet from  the shoreline in just a couple feet of water. If there are a lots of schools of sawbellies in 200 fow, rest assured the lakers will be down there as well.
Its been several years since I jigged specifically around Thanksgiving Day, but I recall us doing pretty well in around 60 feet  of water...   If  you don't have a good fish finder, it will be tough.. You need to find an area with   some baitfish schools and    typically the lakers won't be far from them... bob

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