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Trail camera suggestions


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Hi all,

I have 2 Trail cameras that take photos but the "shutter speed" (probably the wrong term) is so slow that unless the deer is in front of the camera for about 5-6 seconds, it doesn't take a photo. I know this because i have walked passed it numerous times without it taking a photo of me. If I spend 5 or more seconds in front of it, it takes a photo.

Can you guys recommend a good trail cam for a guy on a budget?



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What are you looking to spend? Runnings has some hme brand cameras that perform decent. Might be 50 or 60 bucks each. Also, some of the newer cell cams are pretty decent and they send pics right to your phone rather than spending all the time to go out and check/exchange cards. The spypoint mini and the reveal tactacam each run about 120 bucks or so. Good luck

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