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Sold / Closed SOLD/CLOSED 20 Reef Runners for Sale

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16 each Reef Runner 800’s like new out of box,  2 new in the box.  18 each Reef Runner 800's, 2 each 600's, 20 TOTAL REEF RUNNERS

800's:  2 each #42 (Old Red Eye), new in box

           2 each #68 (Silver Clown)

           3 each #65 (Glowby, Glow Belly)

           2 each #81 (Silver Eriedescent)

           2 each #90 (White Tiger)

           2 each #153 (Fruit Punch Bare Naked)

           2 each #21 (Firetiger)

           2 each #08 (Perch)

 600's Little Rippers:

           2 each #08 (Perch)


Retail for $8 to $9 ea.  

20 Reef Runners Total

Price is $80 for the lot shipped.

PM or text me 315-804-4502, PayPal Friends and Family  or Venmo accepted

The sale price is less than 50% off retail price for these proven fish catching colors.  Please practice common sense and keep in mind it is much more cost effective to have them shipped than to coordinate driving across the state for a price less than asking price.  Money is not being saved and you are not doing any favors with gas $3.59/gal and more for Diesel.  I am located in Watertown so unless you live in town I am not willing to travel and the price is set.  






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Depending on where you buy Reef Runners it is not often you can find what you are looking for the price of $8.00 minimum each.  These are advertised for a lot of 20 for $80 shipping included.  That is more than 50% off retail price.  I am not going to accept less than half of what I paid for these lures that are out of package in new condition.  I am not going to drive to meet at $3.59/gallon to drop the price $10.  If you like the selection and like the deal then contact me.  It just doesn’t make sense that someone is wanting to travel half way across the state to “meet” and will take the lot for $70.  I am paying it forward with a price of $80 to a good home. Please just move along if you don’t like the deal.  Thanks 


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