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X4d with humminbird


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Just wondering if anybody is running both of these. I have a question about using the x4d with the humminbird one boat network. The fishhawk website gives no info other than it can work with the humminbird one boat network and cannon optimums. If the x4d is paired say to my solix, does it put all the x4d data on the solix screen? And here is my wishful thinking but if it does put that data on the solix can I set min Kota cruise control to target the x4d speed instead of gps speed? That would be game changing for me.



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It’s hard to tell by the wording but they might mean it only works with the cannon optimum and utilizes the one boat network to communicate the info between them. I’m not sure. It would be nice if it showed up on the solix but it wouldn’t be any benefit to me unless I could set my minn Kota cruise control to x4d down speed instead of gps speed.

I guess if you had limited dash space you could mount x4d out of the way and just view on solix if it’s possible.

On another note, if what I want to do is not possible, does anyone make a Bluetooth throttle control? I mean it seems like the next logical step forward now that the fishhawk is Bluetooth. Itroll Bluetooth would be awesome to set based on down speed and hunt mode.

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