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Down speed and Down temp.

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  Guys something I’ve been thinking about lately especially having time to try to read posts here, my brain is pretty screwed up so sorry if this comes out wrong, I’ve been fishing the lake for over 35 years and somethings been bothering we lately, why has a company not integrated down speed and down temp in a downrigger ball instead of only having very limited options  with Sub-troll or fishhawk. This is mainly aimed at Yankee he’s really up on technology…. Woody

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A FishHawk has a weak link between the ball and the probe. This way, if you snag your ball on the bottom you only lose a cheap downrigger ball and not an expensive probe unit.


Second,the downrigger ball has a lot of mass so it won't equilibrate to it's surroundings quickly enough and 


third, who wants to keep a battery in the cannonball?


You'd also need to run a finned weight in order to keep it tracking straight for the speed to be accurate. 


Other than that, it's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.  FishHawks work really great the way they are. 





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Fourthly, lots of turbulent water behind a ball ... would probably screw up the downspeed measurement.


Fifthly ... shipping adds a lot of cost to the product ... lead is heavy.


Sixthly ... most people already have balls (that came out wrong!) ... and don't want to pay another $150 for lead ... and then you'll have arguments and need selection at 8 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb, 16 lb, 18 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb weight options ... to much of a headache. 


Sevently ... most balls have a ring where you can connect right at the ball ... so just clamp it to your balls if you want too (that came out wrong again).

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