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Yankee at the Genny 4/18

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We hit the water about 7am and fished till about 11.30. We hoovered around the mouth of the Genny for an hour or so and then headed West to about the area of the ponds. We had a steady pick of fish all day long! We ended the trip 17 for 21. Mostly Brown Trout, a few Coho, 4 Steelhead, and a 15-18lb KING to end the day! We pulled 6 top lines off our otter boats, and 3 riggers with Dreamweaver SS's, and Stinger Stingrays. Our riggers were parked at 3-8' down and 30-75' back. Popular spoons today were Dreamweaver's SS Glow Froggy, Goby (gold back), and gator. Our Stinger Stingray Sea Sick Waddler also took a fish or two. Off the boards many colored sticks worked. Rapala GFR, bomber's Puerto Rican, Black and Silver Smithwick Rogues, and a Dave's Kaboom Goby.






There is a reason why these first few trips are called "shale-down runs." It is to make sure you haven't forgotten anything you will need the rest of the season. Well, we learned the hard way! Our net was left home in the basement and that caused us to break off the King at the back of the boat. He was a shinny chrome color and looked VERY healthy. I tried to tail grab him but his teeth cut our flourocarbon line like a knife! Here's all we captured from the King:


Headed out now for some more fun! If this NE doesn't screw with the water.

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Nice report Rick. Jax has got to be the only person that does their hair before fishing in the morning. We have all left the net home atleast once. It is always a day when you really do well. Good luck this morning.

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Yes Stan, Gamble is right. It was our HOTTEST spoon last year. Helped us place top 10 in the Niagara Pro-Am, and also took our only 30lb Salmon of the season. That version is a Stinger Stingray, which i don't think is in production. You can get the original SSW from NK this year as they added it to their 2009 lineup.

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