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for sale : usa 1986 Mecury 70 HP- 2 stroke-Power tilt $400 or trade for smaller OB

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 Good running  I think its an 86 or 87- 70 HP ,3 cyl 2 stroke  with  new power tilt trim that works great...  This motor  has been very dependable for me... Good cosmetic condition, starts right up,  pumps water great.

 There IS a reason  its only $400.. For as long as I have had it[5 years], the #2 compression has tested about 20 lbs lower than cyls 1 and 3.. Its always been that way, yet the engine runs strong  on all 3 and has shown no issues.. There must be a scuff  or scratch in the cyl wall, bringing the   compression down... I have no desire to take a Merc apart and  hone that cyl and re ring it.. If it were an OMC I would but Mercs are tougher to work on.. I  am going to downsize to a 2 cyl anyway, between 30 and 50 HP.. Too much weight on the transom of my boat and I don't need 70 HP on an 850 pound aluminum boat.... In spring, I would be happy to take the buyer out on Cayuga or the susquehanna  and spend as a many hours as needed on the water   proving that despite the "off readings" on the comp gauge, she still runs fine, and has for years... I took the oil pre mix system off several years ago as  I do not trust them, but think I still have all the parts... $400 seems a fair price, or would trade for a    decent running  older long shaft OB of 30-50 HP, 2 cyl only.. Need NOT have power tilt.. Its nice but I dont need it... The boat is a center console with a Merc Binnacle control and these controls are $150- 200 on ebay used. It comes with the motor as a Merc will not be going back on... Not taking motor off until March, but first "I'll take it"    gets it held until then, and you can verify it runs well  before a nickel is handed over...

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