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River Herring/ Blueback Herring

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Hello everybody, 

I live in the Albany area and in the spring we have a striped bass run up the Hudson River. And along with the stripers, blueback herring come up and spawn as well. Has anyone used these herring for cut bait? If so, were they just as good as the ones you get in the bait shops, or not? I just finished brining some up. Just wondering if I'm wasting my time.  I brined them in a solution of pickling salt, borax, and distilled water,  and through in some green food coloring.  Here's how they came out.20220111_123837.thumb.jpg.49b2b3395222c0f92ea9a90fc20a8e36.jpg20220111_125300.thumb.jpg.e0124dd8bb1be134f8c5226a2d0c57bc.jpg



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I live in the Albany area also and have been brining up the river herring for the last 3-4 years and I can tell you they work great.I catch them in Sprig and freeze them until late June or early July Then I fillet them up and brine them in Patuzke solution ,also add a little garlic scent to the mix.Good luck.

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