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Humminbird Ice Ducer

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Just looked everywhere. Nobody I've ever delt with has any in stock. There are a bunch of scam sites that say there in stock but I wouldn't even try most of them. This site seems ok. https://fishntech.com/humminbird_xi_9_1521.html but I never used them before but take Paypal. If they don't work out there are whole kits available at most places still. If you don't have a case and mount for it the kits are around $230-$250 with the case and transducer. Not sure if they come with a battery but I'll tell you these things eat a lot of power. A regular battery won't last a full day. I've got spares for long trips but a lithium would be a good idea if you fish 8+ hrs. Also try to remember to dim the light and try to run a black background on traditional sonar.

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