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Sea Nymph Mod V Jon with 9.9 Yamaha 4S


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1990 Sea Nymph 15' Jon boat with trailer, F/F, nav lights and a fish box. This was my river and small lake boat, but I've bought a larger project boat. The motor is a 1989 Yamaha 9.9 four stroke Sail motor, 25" shaft, high thrust and electric start with charging. The Yamaha was used as a kicker on a previous boat and served double duty as power for the Jon. The transom height on the boat is only 15"s, but I made a bracket to mount the motor at the correct height. Kind of looks stupid, but serves the purpose. If anyone is looking for a 4 stroke kicker with a Jon boat to fish the small waters, here it is for $1400.00. I will consider selling the boat and trailer separate first, then the motor, but I will not sell the motor before the boat is sold. I'll send a couple pictures if requested. The boat is located just south of Binghamton, in PA.

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