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otisc0 south end1-20-2022


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fished from 7am till 11.no bites and 2 marks on the bird.2.58 in of ice in 12fow.wanted to be deeper butt i was solo and my manly bits said stop.small story,another set of fisherman came out to see me,said they dropped their kdrill down the hole, did i have a auger they could use, so i lent them my nils, very grateful they where,i told them just pay it forward..and so long 4 now;john

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On 1/22/2022 at 7:02 AM, johnnywalleye said:

2.58 in of ice.lake was covered end to end

That’s the most precise ice report I’ve ever read. Hats off. I’m gunna shop a nice caliper right now. Good luck this season. 

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