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Is a roller tip required for copper line ?

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Hi Everyone :

Been trolling for salmon and trout for a few years now , catch a few miss and few. But always luv to be out mostly with my daughter.

I want to get into a bit of copper line use for the times when they are in that upper 20-30 FOW.


Just curious if a roller tip is required or just beneficial to using copper between braid and fluorocarbon line.


I'm thinking that kinking line might be a issue.


also recommendations of a chart for depths for the above mentioned line set up.


I'd really appreciate your expertise on these questions.


Could be more questions ...lol


Thank you !








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What Gambler said. Also, go with the weighted steel, way easier to work with than copper, though you do really need to go to super braid before you can attach a flouro leader.

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Torpedo Weighted steel much more user freindly then copper . Check out Youtube videos. Some captains running no copper just weighted steel.

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Vision Quest Sportfishing, Wet Net Fishing charters and Torpedo Fishing products all have good videos on setting up and using weighted steel. All on Youtube

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29 minutes ago, jkootur said:

Bills bait put a different tip on for me looks great looks like a door stop 

Sounds like you got a twilli tip. Not needed for copper or steel but needed for stranded wire setups

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