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for sale : usa 22rod and reel combos

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We have 22 different rod and reel combos came with a boat a boat last fall.  All combos are in great shape. Older  guy maybe fished couple times.  


(3) depthmaster  planer board combos telescoping rods w/ cables depth master 30 line counters. ($75each)

(4) ugly stick big water downrigger rods 9’ lights with shake spear 30 sizeATS reels. ($60 each)
(4)eagle claw strarfire rods (2) downrigger 8’6” with pen 209 reels. ($60each)

(2) 10’ diver rods with Magda 30 reels. 
(2)diver setups. Diawa accutdepth 10’6” rods paired with pen warfare 30 with wire. ($125 each)
(3) unglued stick big water medium  10’. (2) with pen ware fare 30 reels($80 each) (1) with pen320 with single strand wire. ($80)
(2) 10 color  Shakespeare 30 ATS reels. On scimitar 9’ heavy rods. ($80 each)
(2) diawa Great Lake  eliminator rods  9’ with diawa Great Lake 47lc.($40 each) 
(8) okuma classic pro glt 7’ light brown trout rods ($20 each )
















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5 minutes ago, troutman10 said:

Mainly fish the finger lakes but ontario occasionally. Just getting into downriggers. Any that would be good for downrigger setups? Any help is appreciated. 

 Have a couple different ones that would be good for. Down riggers the ugly stick big water light combos are good for down riggers and the eagle claw  combos  would be really good for the finger lakes

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3 hours ago, troutman10 said:

Are the eagle claw ones you speak of in the first picture? Also, do you ship?

Those eagle claws are absolutely perfect for riggers on the finger lakes. I’ve been running 4 of them for years

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What’s remaining:

 3 depth master telescoping planner board  rod and reel combos. 
 2accudepth rod and pen ware fare 30 wire diver set ups. 
2bass pro downrigger rods w/pen 209 reels

2scimitar shimono rods with Shakespeare ats 30 reels with 10 color leadcore. 
4shakespeare ats 30 size reels

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