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Who did that ?


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I am looking for a new to me lake boat . 


With the price of gas , my expectations are getting smaller and smaller . 


Looks to be $ 4.50  to $ 5 by Summer . 


No who would have ever seen this coming ? 


Hope the fish stay close to shore . 

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3 hours ago, finsntins said:

well jello head is still saying its just temporary,so dont buy that kayak just yet!!!!!lol

Hope he is “ just temporary “ 

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On 2/12/2022 at 12:31 PM, TyeeTanic said:

No one likes the gas price ... but if you buy a boat, maintain it, insurance, storage ... and all that cost ... and then worried about $50 of gas a trip ... you shouldn't own a boat.

i'm 1 1/2 hrs from ontario, with these prices, my truck is gonna burn more than 50$ just to get there and back

when ethanol free breaks 5$ gallon, regular is over 4$ gal, my gas bill will break couple hundred week


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The 100$ bill you had in your pocket last year at this time is worth 92.50$ today. Everything is going through the roof . At some point , people are not going to have the extra cash for fun. 


Try to buy a car , boat , or home .  


And it doesn't look like it will get better any time soon . 



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