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Cayuga 3/5-3/6

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Trips 6&7 2022, Action starting to pick back up, was a decent bite for our two January trips but slowed down in February as it normally does. All salmon yesterday, solid fish in the 4-7lb range. Cayuga slam today which was exciting for the crew! Fish averaged smaller today but more of them, the 9 rod spread running in ~20fow off the big boards kept us hoppin. UV green/yellow have been hot, taking 80% of hits.  









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WTG, Beauties all around.  Glad to see you make it out there.  Today's high South wind weather forecast kept me off the lake but it never looked that bad out there.  By midmorning you were probably shedding layers with the warm up.  Hope to see you out again next weekend

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10 hours ago, Joseph sicherman said:

How are you running the flies ? Just flat lines ?

Weighted, 1/4 oz split shot or 3/8 oz inline trolling weight 

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