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What to do when ice gets sketchy

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Hit the big lake for first time. We couldn’t find any warm water and at times had to dodge some ice chunks but with some searching we were able to get some nice browns. I forgot the net but fortunately we were able to land them all using the bogs grip.


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Nice day for it!  We scooped 8, lost a pile more and some short hits.  Got a bonus snow goose that fell out of a flock flying overhead.  Most cookie cutters, a couple other good ones we couldn’t get in the net.  Nice to be on the water.66832497-3FFA-4DB7-B4BD-0684BE8BEA8D.thumb.jpeg.dc36f11ba3ba8994e255154033464f84.jpeg81C5D9B2-17AC-4DC0-B9E5-9A1D6E1A1AF2.thumb.jpeg.783cf571099e5b37ccf890322ea07c6e.jpeg

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