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for sale : usa Price Reduced Large Lot of Vintage Great Lakes Junior Thundersticks $125

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 Price Reduced  Vintage Lot of Storm Jr Thundersticks NIB for sale. Hard to find colors/ Reasonable Price

$125 delivered

Jsp88 Green Monkey Puke

Jsp87 Red Monkey Puke

GJ236 Glittered Pearl Blue Orange Belly

GL235 Glittered  Chartruese Blue Back OB

GJ233 Glittered  Silver Green Back

GJ237 Glittered Naturistic Bluegill

GJ234 Glittered  Gold

J181 PrismFlash Blue Back


J75 Redhead

J2  Bluescale

J146 Metsllic Gren Tiger

J14 Patriotic Flag

J159 Metallic Blue Yellow Belly Black Specks

J60 Naturistic Perch

J160 Metallic Green Yellow  Belly  Black Speck

J250 Green Scale


J194 PrismFlash Chartruese  Black Squiggles BILLY Baroo's Brother


Price Reduced $125   

$160 del priority Box Paypal F&F

Or add 3% for invoice



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Cost Reduced / Correction
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