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Sharing - Okuma Coldwater CW303D $46 discount @ Cabela's - act quickly!!

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General knowledge in the event anyone is looking for one or more..... 


If you are a Cabela's Club member... Amazon has CW303D for 109.53 shipping from Amazon....... Cabela's will price match down from 129.95 if you call plus 5% discount. Then apply Spring Club Days discount code for another $20 off.  Price match brings down to 103+ and then another $20 off for Club Days discount... or $83.98 plus tax.


Thought I would pass along if anyone is looking for any right now.... Amazon prices fluctuate so the agent needs to verify they can view price from Amazon shipping... take advantage quickly if you need any as its a $46 savings. 129.99 to 83.98

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