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Cayuga Lake State Park

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Anyone launch out of the State Park recently? How is the water level and are the docks in?


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The extreme south dock is loaded with silt and sand and pretty much impossible to get trailer out far enough so might want to use the northern most ones. Parking has been VERY full to so may want to consider Union Springs:smile:

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Thanks Les and NYbassin. I got my boat stuck in that muck one year not knowing the south launch got so shallow. Luckily I was able to use my boat hook to push myself out to deeper water.

Never used the Union Springs launch. I'm assuming if parking has been full, the perch fishing must be pretty good.:smile:

I want to take some friends fishing who've had limited fishing experience-and would rather take them to Cayuga where I'm pretty confident we'll have good action as opposed to taking them to Lake Erie where it can be hit or miss, not to mention the seasickness possibility.:(


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