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Yankee in the ROC April 9th & 10th w/ MORE KINGS

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Another great day on Lake Ontario with long time clients Doc, his son, Kurt, and Joe. The early morning Brown Trout bite couldn't have been any better! We also mixed in a Pike, a couple of Lake Trout, a Coho Salmon, and dumped a Chinook Salmon that headed for Niagara County.
If you followed our page this morning you saw our starting line up. All Bay Rat Lures in SS and S3. Ayu, Ghost Wipe, Green Frog, Can't Afford It, Citric Shad, and Jail Bird all took fish. The riggers and divers were pretty quiet.
After we took our only King bite, and learned of a few others, we upped our program to hunt down more King bites. We switched over to all Bay Rat LS baits on the boards and added in some slide divers. A 16 rod spread! Unfortunately, no more King bites were taken, but we did get a few Lake Trout and some bigger Brown Trout with that spread.
Make that four Sundays in a row fishing nasty conditions and snow. Thank God for our 10 Meter Trojan with camper top and heat today!
Doc, Kurt, Joe, and Doc's son Nick from PA fished the last two days with us. They're regulars in the Spring chasing Brown Trout with us. We knew today might get cut short so we fished longer yesterday. For the first few hours it was great. The wind was manageable, but when it came it was wicked! We probably stayed and fished longer than we should have.
Our typical Brown Trout spread consisted of eight board rods, two Chinook Divers, and three Cannon Downriggers. 98% of our fish came on board lines today. Bay Rat Lures S3's were the ticket as we had to put the boat in 7-9' of water with leads on our baits 125' back. The king took a Citric Shad. Other colors that worked today were Ayu, Ghost Wipe, Coho Crusher, Ghost Face, and a new Modified Green Frog.
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