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Okuma White Diamond Downrigger Rods

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8 hours ago, reel retirement said:

I was looking to upgrade my GLT downrigger rods to white diamonds, does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on this. 


I love these rods! I got a few when they were introduced and since have upgrade all of my rods to these. They are a big step up from the GLT series.

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53 minutes ago, IrishGoodByes said:

Care to elaborate on why you feel they are superior to the glt’s?


Simply just built better. Its a case of get what you pay for in my opinion. I dont consider myself a rod expert but overall the white diamonds have higher quality components and I dont notice it so much in the action but rather the overall feel. The white diamonds have dealt with the abuse on my boat a lot better too as I have only broke one so far (and it was 100% percent my fault). With that being said I have broke 12+ GLTs for a number of stupid reasons over the years. If you are looking for an entry level rod then the GLT rods are a good pick but if you are looking for a premium rod then the White Diamonds are the way to go.

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