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Downriggers singing

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Quick cure.....   Buy a good bottle of wine, not a box wine and save the cork.  cut a slit down the middle, and place it on your rigger wire.  It will stop the singing.  You can also enjoy the wine.....Let us know how it works.  Tight Lines !!!!!!!

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Switch to braided downrigger line and you will never hear the line sing again. Scotty brand 250 lb is thick enough to keep flees off and it’s easy to re tie if you ever need to switch out terminal ends.

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Thanks to all for the great suggestions.  We do love the the singing of our reels when a big fish hooks up, but in our configuration of a  16 ft aluminum boat and twin downriggers right at my tiller station it’s like a orchestra constantly tuning up.  We decided to convert from SS to Scotty super braids. In the process of despooling as I write this post.


Tight line to all!!


Fish on…


Pair of Jacks

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When fishing alone the singing will tell you when you get a hit. If you pay attention the tone will change when the lure gets hit.. I do not mind the noise.


good fishing to all

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