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Synthetic Oil

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Was going to change oil on my boat. Have a 1990 Thompson 210 FISHERMAN with 305 V8. Went to Wally

World to buy oil and filter. There was not one container with regular oil. All they have is full synthetic or synthetic blend. I bought 10W30 full syn. They don't carry straight 30W oil either. Guess I could check other auto parts stores if necessary.  Before I change the oil thought I would make sure by asking LOU members their opinion. Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated 

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Recommended oil for that engine with a flat tappet camshaft was straight HD30W in this climate zone when it was built. 

Rotella T1 SAE30 would be my choice and can be bought at Tractor Supply or most automotive stores, or Mercurys 25w-40 oil. Both have additives to help reduce cam to lifter wear  

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