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Garmin uhd 93sv

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17 hours ago, shoncebl said:

Does the Garmin 93sv on sale for $699 have the map of Lake Ontario preloaded or do you to buy a chip? Thanks for any info because I called Cabelas and they do not know and Garmin website has no info.

Garmin 93sv has pre-loaded Lake-vu maps on it. I have one and the Lake O map is pretty good imo.

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 Yes , Hughes marina area.   Dont know about rest of lake.  But I checked the map for Niagra Bar it looks detailed havent been there yet. Unbelieveable accuracy for fingerlakes. Mine is G3 mapping not sure what the very new ones are.   The FF works great also.

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20 hours ago, Shakemsam said:

I have the 93 and find that the maps are fine for LO. Not that detailed but they are fine. The biggest issue is the ducer that is packaged with it. As packaged, the 93sv is really geared toward structure fishing not open water trolling. 

I agree 100% with this, which is why I paired my 93 with an airmar B60 thru-hull for 2D sonar and a Garmin GT54 transom mount for the side/down scan. 

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