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Sportcraft Fishmaster


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I'm "looking" at a 1990 sport-craft fishmaster 21. So the guy says, I can't tell a year or if it is actually 21' in length from the 2 pics he sent me.

I don't know much about them, are they "good" Boats or am I wasting my time.


Any help about these boats would be appreciated, thanks guys and tight lines!

I'll keep doing my research but this just popped up today.


Go Bills


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The year is the last part of the VIN, stamped on the upper right of the transom.  Since this is an older boat you might want to spend the money and have it surveyed--stringers and transom are subject to rot.

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I had a 1987 Fishmaster. I believe it was 22 or 23 ft.  Send your phone # as a private message and I will call. I can point u in the direction of things to look for.

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